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Literotica Tuesday Feature: Lactation Surprises byjimjim123

My heart skipped a beat as her magnificent milk filled breasts came into full view. As she fully removed her bra it allowed her breasts to drop naturally down her body no longer being held up from below. Her left breast was leaking milk continuously, the sweet liquid sliding down her breast and dripping onto the soft flesh of her slim stomach.

Erotica · Literotica Tuesday

Literotica Tuesday Feature: An Exchange from Red to White by Lactolobster

I have a confession. I love vampire stories! I would have no problem being a drink box, as it were, for a real vampire. Honestly, nursing feels almost vampiric to me, which may even be one of the (subconscious) reasons I got into it in the first place. Having said that, the story I’m highlighting here is my all time favourite erotic story EVER. If you like vampires at all and are interested in ANR/ABF then I’m sure you will enjoy this well written, highly original work of erotic fiction.

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It’s time for your monthly breast cancer self check! Self exam 101

One of my new years resolutions is to make sure I actually examine my breasts every month. And to help make sure I do that I’m going to make a point of posting breast health and breast cancer related articles, videos and other web sundries on the first of the month. It’s the start of… Continue reading It’s time for your monthly breast cancer self check! Self exam 101

News and Politics

A Female Lawmaker Defends Public Breastfeeding. Her Male Colleague Threatens To Grab Nipples.

Thus reads the title of a Huffington Post article written by Laura Bassett yesterday.

The story goes, State Rep. Amanda Bouldin (D) wrote a post on Facebook opposing a currently proposed bill that would make it a misdemeanor for women to expose their nipples in public and told sponsor of the bill, State Rep. Josh Moore (R) he should either either protect breastfeeding mothers or scrap the bill entirely, not realizing it already held such a clause.

But rather than informing his colleague of her mistake, Moore chose to defend sexual assault and imply it would be the fault of the victim!





It’s not what you think…

I can hear the rustle of the sheets
He knows I’m not there
He’s looking for me

Soon he’ll be screaming
Flailing blindly in the dark
he won’t stop until I’m right where he wants me

I try to talk him down
explain that I just had to pee
shhh baby, please, you’ll wake the neighbors

He’s got a fistful of my hair now
He won’t listen to reason
He thinks I was trying to leave

He demands that I satisfy him
His hands grasping at my night shirt
I can feel his hot breath on my skin

I press my lips tightly together
trying to keep from screaming
Damn it, don’t touch me!

His nails claw at my skin
He misses the mark in his enthusiasm
as if we didn’t do this several times a day

My body is not my own
I have to dress for his convenience
I have to include him in all my planning

He falls asleep on my arm
a contented smile plays on his lips
He looks so angelic right now

I’m uncomfortable
I’m exhausted
I don’t dare move

I feel so guilty feeling like this
I know it’s probably the depression
Breastfeeding your son should be a beautiful thing

Original poetry by Jess Heart
copyright 2015


A Poem

By  Christy Towle

A longing discovered.

Kept away by darkness and depression.

Milky dreams, flowing from brain to breast.

Spilling out into the world.

Nights of fantasy, desire and lust.

Fulfilling and sleepless.

Days spoken with smiles.

Wanting you to agree.

Needing you to want me, my milk, my love.

Wanting more than you can offer.

My head hangs low,

My breasts weep.

So close to being close.

So far from being reality.

I’ll bury my soul, again.

Waiting, if only, for one more night!



I do not own any rights to this gem, I found this on a site that no longer exists, and have no idea how to contact the original author. If you recognize the poem, feel free to share any information you have, I have no desire to steal credit.

Erotica · Literotica Tuesday

Introducing Literotica Tuesday!

If you have not yet found one of my absolute favourite sites, allow me to introduce you to Literotica! I prefer to read erotic fiction as opposed to watching a video or viewing photos and there really is no better website than Literotica for the wide range of styles and interests. *I am not receiving any… Continue reading Introducing Literotica Tuesday!