Dew Drops (an erotic short story)


by Anonymous

(as found on Land of Milk and Honey)

A typical day starts when one of us wakes up. If it’s me, I go back to sleep – but if it’s my husband, he wakes me up next. He usually does this by cuddling closer and swinging his arm between my breasts, or he might gently cup one of my breasts. When he moves his hand over my nipples, they stiffen. Then he spoons closer to me and at that point, I usually turn toward him to kiss. Such was the situation this morning.

But this morning, my breasts were exceptionally full and tender. I had a good long nights sleep on top of missing our feeding last night. In fact – and this is very rare – we were both so busy that we hadn’t nursed since early morning yesterday. My breasts were not only full and tender, they were down-right sore. I think he knew it, as he started to massage me. That felt wonderful, and it wasn’t long before I felt the first stirrings of my milk let-down. I don’t want him to miss a drop, and I knew I’d have to give him what he wanted soon, but I said “Not yet.”

I sat up and looked at him, and could feel the first tiny dew-drops forming on my nipples. He looked from my face and saw, and said “But you need to.” In response, I wriggled and moved my leg over him, then sat on his belly. I put my hands on either side of his head and leaned towards him. My breasts hung down above his face and slapped together once, then jiggled a little. He gave me his usual kid in a candy store look back. He started to reach up, but I swatted his hand away. Nevertheless, the dewdrops grew in size and number and were threatening to become real drops.

“Do you know why we do this,” I asked?

“Because we love each other and cherish our time together on this earth,” he said.

Well, I felt this joy well up in me until I’m as full of joy as my breasts were with milk. That caused the first drip from one breast. And then my other started tapping out drops onto our new sheets. I lowered one breast toward my lover’s mouth, and opened his mouth taking my nipple into it. He gently pulled at my nipple with his lips and tongue and cheeks, and my milk started to flow freely in a long continuous stream into his mouth. After all that time without being nursed, it felt incredibly good – I let out an exhalation of relief and satisfaction, and my free breast started to drip faster. My sweetheart sucked a continuous flow from me a while longer, and then started to suck rhythmically and strongly. My milk flowed into his mouth in long warm bursts for a long time.

My other breast still leaked incontinently, and was now almost forming a small puddle in the sheets. He continued to focus on nursing at my first breast, but now I felt a poke near my bottom. Well, I had been expecting that. Without disturbing my breast at his mouth, I lifted up my bottom and moved down a bit so that I sat on his hips. His hard penis was lying on his belly and I was sitting on it’s base. He sucked more insistently now cupping my breast in both hands, intent on nursing at that breast until long after the last of the milk was swallowed. Finally I gasped “Oh God, please, the other one” and pulled my nipple out of his mouth. I dangled my other dripping breast above him, catching the increasingly heavy drops from it into his mouth.

By this time I was very aroused, so I moved to seat my vagina and clitoris above the shaft of his cock. He bucked below me, wanting either my other breast or my pussy, or both. I wanted him to remember how long he made me wait for me to nurse him, so I made him wait for my other full, leaking breast. I slid my hips up and down, sliding my clitoris along his stiff cock time after time. Moving harder and faster made my breasts swing above him as he tried to catch my nipple with his mouth as they slapped closer and closer to him.  Milk was splattering all over his face and even on the bed’s headboard. I slid along his cock even more, until eventually in short feverish jerking movements, the head of his cock was centered on the entrance to my vagina. He pushed up and his entire cock slid into me, going in deep with the first stroke. His hips vaulted up high and held me up.

He was trembling and I knew he was desperately close to orgasm after just one thrust. I grasped my leaking breast and offered my nipple to him. He took it into his mouth sucking greedily as a continuous, warm stream of my milk flowed into his mouth. We hugged each other hard as he bucked down and up into me faster and faster, spasming into me each time.

He continued to nurse from me until he was convinced that my milk from both of my breasts was completely finished for now. He opened his eyes and looked at me, and I at him. I said, “Let’s not miss too many more of our feedings my darling.” He smiled in agreement. We didn’t have to say it, we knew that we loved each other and would take the time to make sure we felt it every day.

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