Hi. I’m Jess.

I am a mother and a lover.

I am a caregiver and sexual being.

I love my breasts. Before my first child was born I was a small C cup, after weaning her I maintained a D cup, and now nursing a 10 month old I am a DD cup. I’m an extremely physical being, I love being caressed and held and I have always enjoyed my breasts being played with during foreplay. I am blessed with a partner who loves my breasts as much as or more than I do. We enjoy a wonderful adult nursing relationship.

Five years ago I discovered a beautiful thing. Breastfeeding. I had given life to a brand new human being and now I had the opportunity to nourish this new life from my very body. I think it is no accident that breasts are located right next to the heart. As my infant child hungrily drank from my full breasts it felt as tho she drank from my very soul. Love filled my chest and overflowed into her tiny body. I had never before imagined such a deep and fulfilling bond. For my daughter’s father, my breastmilk was simply an inconvenient fact of nature, something to be tolerated in our intimate moments.

My daughter turned one and our breastfeeding bond was as strong as ever. Around this time I met a man who loved breasts. Lactation was not a hindrance to either of us, it neither turned us off nor had it occurred to us that it might add to the intimacy. He had never tasted breastmilk before and didn’t hate the first taste of it. Not long after his first taste he asked me to text him a picture of my nipple with a bead of milk on it, and it was discovered the thought of him purposely nursing excited us both. In the internet research that followed I discovered a wonderful website, as I read the stories and articles, a deep longing was awoken and I found myself desperate for the kind of intimacy and connection I had found in this hidden corner of the internet.

The site has since ceased to exist in it’s original form. The Land of Milk and Honey was referenced in nearly all the sites and blogs I visited in my search and I never found another site or blog that remotely compared to it. As I mentioned before however, the beautiful gem it once was no longer exists. The site has been completely redone and is now only available to paying subscribers. there is no trace of the resources and profound stories it once boasted, there is still a gaping whole left in the web and my hope with this blog is to attempt to fill that void with resources and information as well as my own personal experiences. I hope to gather as much relevant data and information as possible and pass it on to any who might stumble upon my corner of the web.

While lactation is not necessary in a breastfeeding relationship and neither is it always a goal of nursing couples I have found the anr/abf resources available to be lacking in information regarding building and maintaining a milk supply. I understand that most writer’s and contributors are of the feeling that there are plenty of breastfeeding sites out there, but in my opinion if you could find all that in one location that treats your chosen lifestyle with respect why would you want to go through all the digging elsewhere? My goal is to create a Pinterest and Google+ account to make the information I gather as accessible as possible.

If you have stuck with me through to the end of this first post, I hope you stick with me as I gather information and share my own experiences. I look forward to your input as well 😉 Feel free to comment and Email any suggestions or questions you might have.


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