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Literotica Tuesday Feature: An Exchange from Red to White by Lactolobster

I have a confession. I love vampire stories! I would have no problem being a drink box, as it were, for a real vampire. Honestly, nursing feels almost vampiric to me, which may even be one of the (subconscious) reasons I got into it in the first place. Having said that, the story I’m highlighting here is my all time favourite erotic story EVER. If you like vampires at all and are interested in ANR/ABF then I’m sure you will enjoy this well written, highly original work of erotic fiction.

Erotica · Literotica Tuesday

Introducing Literotica Tuesday!

If you have not yet found one of my absolute favourite sites, allow me to introduce you to Literotica! I prefer to read erotic fiction as opposed to watching a video or viewing photos and there really is no better website than Literotica for the wide range of styles and interests. *I am not receiving any… Continue reading Introducing Literotica Tuesday!